The Idea behind souchI ?

We picked up Blvd. Monk in Ville-Émard, Montréal because we felt like Ville-Émard needed a great sushi spot. 


SOUCHi Bar is a place for everybody, whether you are vegetarian or seafood lover. We decided that we will make no discrimination on our menu. All people are equal, so should the food. Especially when you are celebrating a special occasion with friends or family, everybody should be able to eat what he or she like.


So here is what We differ from others We are Mostly Vegetarian restaurant but we have a Piscivore Friendly menu from Thursday to Saturday. We also offer AYCE ( all you can eat ) for our wonderfull vegan sushi every Wednesday & Sunday.


Wednesday & Sunday we only serve vegan sushi. ( AYCE 30$/person )

Thursday to Saturday we serve both vegan & fish sushi. ( À la Carte Only )


The restaurant is made mostly with recycled material ain't that Cool?


Fun Fact: We have the world largest selection of vegan sushi with over 50 vegan sushi.


Vegan Grab & Go made by Souchi. You will be able to grab your favourites vegan sushi and also a new selection of vegan bento, sandwich, wrap, salad & pokebowl coming soon.


Souchi Bar à Sushi near Metro Monk, 6615 bl. Monk

Souchi Végan near Metro Snowdon, 4986A Queen-mary

We are working really hard to be able to give all the Souchi Love to the world. If you want to open your own Branch just casually send us an email at 

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SOUCHi BAR à Sushi , 6615 boul. monk , 514.544.8444 

Souchi Végan, 4986A Queen-mary, 514.735.4543