Liquor license?


Not yet.


Tables for a group?


At our new location 6615 blvd. Monk we will have plenty of space for group of 4 to 16. 

At our new location 4986A Queen-Mary we can take group up to 12.

I can't order any fish sushi.


On Wednesday & Sunday's we only serve vegan sushi. You can still order fish sushi from Thursday to Saturday. 

How do I place an order?


Souchi NDG is on UBER EAT with 30 choices of Vegan sushi or call in-store during opening hours.

I can't place an order online.

We are not taking any take out orders for now but special orders is still available call us 514.544.8444

Why SOUCHi ?


Because that's how everybody pronounces sushi in french...


Do you take cards?


Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Interac all good.

How many Vegan options you have?


Over 50 .... and it's not just Salads and Carrots. We really have some good vegan sushi.

Do you offer delivery?


Uber Eat find Souchi

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SOUCHi BAR à Sushi , 6615 boul. monk , 514.544.8444 

Souchi Végan, 4986A Queen-mary, 514.735.4543